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Digital marketing agency in Alicante, Spain

Advertising, design, branding, web design, digital marketing and communication for your business in Spain
Símbolo Ingenio Creativo

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Digital marketing agency in Alicante

At Símbolo IC we understand communication as an inseparable pack of different elements such as branding, graphic design, strategic communication, social media and marketing, audiovisuals, web development, advertisement and a very long etcetera.

Símbolo IC started in 2001 as an agency of communication and advertisement  providing a full pack of different services. We are a digital marketing agency in Alicante that specializes in strategic communication, branding, web, design, social media, motion graphics. 

Símbolo IC has a young skilled team with a great experience in each of the communication areas.Using different communication tools, the team of Símbolo transforms the needs of our clients into «their symbol», a unique and different symbol that has its own personality

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We design your brand from scratch. We connect with your brand to create the best corporate image of it, and adapt it to the new digital era.

We offer an integral communication and consulting service. We support you in the creation of your communication strategy of expanding your business to Spain and introducing to a new region. We help you to create a strategic vision of your business by analysing the current and past communication strategies and by creating corporate communication strategy and planning.

We create your website with a unique design. We take care of the hosting and take your SEO positioning into account. Your website will help you to make the best impression on your potential clients.

We adapt your brand image to the characteristics and needs of your business. We renew your design in according to the new trends in digital marketing.

We create the necessary content for your social networks based on strategic marketing and innovative communication. We help you with your digital strategy, SMM, digital advertisement, blogging and mailing.

We take care of design and layout of all kinds of formats that are to be published. We use an engaging and functional design, which attracts the attention of the user.

We help you to show the best of your business so that it has all the visibility in digital media that it deserves. We accentuate the strengths of your brand to give it with the help of audiovisual tools.

We create all kinds of animated videos to boost your business or brand. We add a lot of ingenuity and personality to our motions graphics so that it has a unique touch.

We provide support to any event you want organize. We design, assemble and raise the visibility of the event so that it has all the impact it deserves.

We adapt to your needs and give you the facilities to be able to realize a photo session in the place you want. We also can complete any photographic creation with graphic design in case you need it.

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Applying a lot of ingenuity we create a brand that you really need.


We will create a unique and distinctive branding that will be recognized by your clients.


We create designs adapted to any format that your business and brand need.


We bring out the best of your business with very exclusive creative photos and videos.


We increase your visibility in digital media by creating Mothions Grapics and custom animations.


We create strategy for your brand in Social Media and help your business grow.


We create your website by adapting the design to your tastes and needs.